Pollution and its relationship to the high incidence of cancer

Instructions for Writing Your Review Paper:
Select a cell biology topic of your choice. I can help you narrow it down, but it should be something that interests you. Some example topics include:
molecular evidence for evolution, cancer research, vaccine development, a new therapy to cure or treat a disease, or environmental factors that affect us at
the cellular level. Research the latest advances for your topic using pubmed.gov or other academic resources. The resources should be peer-reviewed and
scholarly, as you would find in scientific literature. You will need at least five references, with a preference for those less than two years old. You may use
other academic websites, but no more than two out of your five sources should come from these sites. The articles are densely packed with information, so
don’t worry about understanding everything. But you should be able to learn a lot from each article and even their abstracts.