Police excessive use of force

This paper should include a cover page, introductory paragraph,

body, conclusion, and reference page. This paper should be four

pages, not including cover page or reference page. Papers should be

typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font, and in APA format

per the 7th edition of the manual. Penalty for late submission of legal

debate paper is a three- points deduction per day off the paper

score. After three days, late papers will not be accepted. All papers

must be uploaded in Turnitin on CANVAS before or on the due date.

Legal Debate Paper: You need to pick one of the topic mentioned below and write 4
pages in APA style. You need to take a position either for or against your topic. For
example, For Abortion you will be either for or against abortion. If you say you are for
or against your topic, you need to establish your side with facts, case laws,
arguments etc. You can’t write for and against the same topic. Points will be
deducted in that situation. There must be minimum three arguments and three
relevant cases in your legal debate paper. This is an individual paper. You can’t write
about any other topic. If you write about any other topic, you will receive ‘0’ for Legal
Debate paper.

1. Abortion
2. Legalization of Marijuana
3. Gun Control
4. Death Penalty
5. Police excessive use of force

The legal debate will make up 7% of your final grade. Points will be
deducted for serious errors and if you don’t submit on time and don’t follow
the above rules. Grade A or B are based on your well-organized writing,
arguments, case laws cited etc.in you legal debate paper.