Plans for obtaining the resources

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7) Plans for obtaining the resources The total start-up cost has been allocated to troth the tangible and intangible equipment. maclunery cc deSigll wood, mw imerials, 3D di,: niacin!, CI ;I, cccxc.i( I • 20191 Eksides. there arc intangible assets such as skilled labour. excellent nerworkinr7 coccI To implement this business, we hare conducted tWO years plan which 1, for the presew and after expansion the next year’s resources. The organisational feasibility 1, high in tin, amount and financial feasibility is also quite good as their is a huge amount of uw,tinent pf the resources art duectly related to the production and selling of the prodncts which dnectly lead, to profit-oriented start-ups.
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