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To complete this assignment, you must use Microsoft Excel. If you do not have that program, you can download a free copy by clicking HERE. (Links to an external site.)

Step 1: Open the Time Management Spreadsheet and follow the directions on the page to log your time spent, create a pie chart, and write a reflection (Click Here)  Download (Click Here).

Step 2: Now think about how you would like your week to look. Decide how you would like your week to be scheduled. Using the Ideal Weekly Schedule document (Click Here)

Actions, create a realistic weekly schedule that accounts for all of your life responsibilities (include all of the categories on your pie chart from the Time Management Spreadsheet) plus study time/school work time and any additional areas you need to include. This schedule does not need to match your pie chart. Your goal is to create an ideal schedule that shows how you want your week to flow. You can work towards making this schedule your reality.

Step 3:View the student example Time Management Spreadsheet  Download Time Management Spreadsheet& Ideal Weekly Schedule


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