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A Mini Argumentative Essay on One of the Two Designated Topics

Units 1-6 inclusive


Short Research Project 1 will involve at least ONE internal reading source from those provided on SLATE and at least TWO external reading sources such as these:

an in-depth or investigative news report or opinion column from the public media that is relevant to your topic and

an excerpt from a scholarly work that is relevant to your topic or a reliable website entry from an educational institution

You are expected to use all relevant power points and assigned readings to help support your efforts.

This assignment should:

be written like a mini-essay with a clearly stated thesis,

effectively develop the discussion of the thesis

make use of the basic elements of critical thinking to formulate an argument with a proper conclusion

present correctly documented support for your argument from your sources

with one or two SHORT citations

and an appropriate bibliography page

Criteria for marking:

Correctness and clarity of writing,

coherence of thought,

good argumentation skills

quality of your ideas

completeness of the requirements of the assignment stated on this page.

Length: 1000-1250 words with sources identified in the APA or some other acceptable documentation style

This is a short argumentative essay, so your introduction and conclusion should be short and come right to the point.


Select ONE question/topic for research from two provided here on themes

in Units 1-6 inclusive


Topic 1

Ancient Greek Philosophers vs Medieval European Theologians: Desire and/or Love?

Compare and contrast the ancient Greek philosophers and medieval theologians you have studied so far in this course on the relation between erotic desire and love. The following questions must be addressed: What is the meaning and importance of each of these ideas in the two sides of this debate? Which side of the debate do you support and why?


Topic 2

The Existentialists on the Current LGBTQIA Debate: What Might They Have Said?

Clarify the 20th century existentialist view of love and desire discussed in this course, with reference to J-P. Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. This should involve particular reference to the existential concept of objectification. The following questions must be addressed: Which side of the current LGBTQIA debate do you think de Beauvoir would support, the traditional or contemporary? What particular issue(s) in this debate might she support and why? Would you agree with her or not? Explain.