Assessment Task 3B: Personal Reflection

(Marks: 20% Individual)


For Assessment 3B- Personal Reflection we would like you to reflect on your behaviour within the group and assess its impact on the goals and outcomes of the group, as you worked towards completing the group report assignment and presentation. In simpler terms, what did you do well or perhaps poorly, and how did it effect the group?

As an option, you are allowed to include some design or creative elements if you wish such as images, photos etc for the purpose of enhancing or explaining your personal reflection.

However, you are expected to use some academic literature to help support and explain your reflections. Remember … you have access to considerable literature referred to throughout the semester. Some key readings and other sources considered throughout the semester include:

Teamwork readings from week 8 E.g. Belbin’s team roles

Giving Feedback and Johari Window readings from week 7

E.g. Harms and Roebuck, 2010, ‘Teaching the Art and Craft of Giving and Receiving Feedback’, Business Communication Quarterly 73: 413.

The Team Charter and readings from week 2

Planning readings from week 5

You will be assessed specifically on your:

Ability to explain your behaviours within the group with reference to relevant events over the semester (40%):

Assessment of the impact of your behaviours on the goals and outcomes of the group (30%)

Structure and communication (20%): Includes reference to: Organisation and planning; fluency and style of communication; accuracy of grammar, spelling and punctuality.

Reference to reading and other sources of information (10%): Includes reference to: Use of references, accuracy of referencing, balance of quotation and paraphrase, and a reference list.

A detailed assessment rubric for this assessment is available on Blackboard.


Due Date: 30th Oct 2018, by 5:30 pm AEST

Word Length: 1000 (+/- 10%)
Submission: Electronic copy submitted via TurnItIn through Blackboard
Marks: Individual 20%