personal narritive about highschool football


    • The paper should be 2.5 pages minimum (a 10% deduction will occur for each ½ page less than 2.5)


    • It should be typed in 12 point font (Times New Roman or Ariel)- deductions will occur for larger size font.


    • The paper should be double-spaced


    • There should be no more than a normal space between paragraphs (Please don’t try to triple space between paragraphs to take up room).


    • The second person (you, your, you’re) should be strictly avoided unless it is in dialogue.


    • You must use dialogue in your paper, and please make sure to punctuate it correctly.


    • Your essay should read like a story. In other words, it should have a basic plot structure: (inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action, ending [should deal with what you learned from the experience]).


    • Your title should be at the top of the page- not half-way down the page.

personal narritive about highschool football