Title of Module

Personal effectiveness, ethics and business acumen

Module Code

7CO03 – Task 1



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Assessment Brief

Task One:

At the start of the programme students are required to carry out a self-assessment of their knowledge and skill in each of the fifteen assessment criteria detailed below. They then formulate their development plan for each one. This plan must help the student reach the advanced level of the CIPD Profession map in each assessment criterion by the time they submit Task 3. 

The purpose of this task is to: 

Identify current strengths and the competencies that the student must develop during their programme. 

Enable the student to plan and deliver their development and monitor their progress towards their learning goals. 

Assessor Notes

A template is provided in the Assessment Centre and students are expected to use this.

Students can only submit this task once. It is essential that students receive detailed, actionable feedback as this task will inform Task 2 and Task 3.

This assessment is expected to be written in first person.

Candidates are expected to complete each template i.e. for all 15 assessment criteria

Marking sheet

A Marking sheet is provided in the CIPD tutor hub

Holistic guidance is required for this assessment and whilst you will not necessarily comment on every criterion independently there should be qualitative feedback given sufficient for the student to confidently progress to Task 2. Below is an example of the some of the areas that require feedback


Has the student entered information for all criteria?

Strengths and competencies self-assessment

Has the student rated their initial abilities?

Comment on these and flag any particularly good entries and identify where they have not provided a detailed.

Student should describe why they need to develop in each area – identify good examples and feedback on areas that require development

Learning Plan

Have they identified ways that they will meet their development needs?

Are the student’s objectives SMART with clear deadlines and ways to monitor these?

Are they sufficient to meet the development?

Are they Level 7 appropriate and robust?

Are threats addressed?

Overall Strengths of the assessment

Summarise the current overall strengths of the students work

Development Points

Be clear about what the student needs to do to develop

Referencing guide

Students are expected to reference theory where appropriate, and this should be relevant and of a high academic standard.

Assessment criteria