Performance Appraisal and Management

Individual Assignment

Performance Management: The most essential part of the HRM practices of the organization

  • Provide a brief history of performance appraisal and management;
  • Performance management system around the world;
  • Multilevel/multisource performance appraisal/ 360-degree PA system;
  • Sociological and psychological perspectives of performance management;
  • Download, read and critically review the latest 3 articles (published in 2018 and onwards) on employees’ performance appraisal and management system, and prepare a one-page write up on each of those articles.


In order to complete this assignment/work, you are advised to do an exhaustive research on performance appraisal and management system. It is important to note that, performance management is the most essential part or HRM practice of the organization. Practically, without the performance appraisal and management system, the other HRM practices cannot be done successfully. Thus, many HR experts and professionals argue that this is central of all other HRM activities or initiatives. As human resource management is the key to success of the organizations, and it brings the competitive advantage of the organization, therefore, performance management system should be given top most priority among the HRM practices. Start with a good introduction/background of the topic followed by extensive literature review on PMS. Read as many articles on the topic as you can to present a quality write up.