Performance and Skills AssessmentTask

Task 2 – Performance and Skills AssessmentTask summaryThis assessment task requires you to lead and manage continuous improvement systems andprocesses for at least one organisation or work area.This project requires you to complete the assessment tasks in a real workplace (your currentworkplace can be used) or a simulated environment. If you are not working, select a workplaceyou are familiar with.RequiredYou are required to demonstrate your ability to:1. Address organisational sustainability requirements2. Incorporate mentoring, coaching and other support to enable individuals to participate incontinuous improvement processes3. Capture progress, insights and experiences using established knowledge managementsystems4. Encourage participation in decision making processes and ideas for continuousimprovement.Timing1. You may review this assessment task at the commencement of your unit.2. You may start this assessment in the first week of the term3. Your assessor will advise you of the due date of this assessment via Canvas and you mustsubmit by the due date.