Organisational Development Assignment

Organisational Development Assignment – Case study

Learning Outcomes – On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and theories of organisational development in contemporary business settings.

Demonstrate an understanding of the nature and application of planned change as a means of enhancing organisational performance.

Identify the internal and external factors that influence the process of organizational development and change.

Identify and critically assess the strategies organisations employ to affect change and development.

Demonstrate an understanding of the role of structure and design in organisational development and change.

Describe and discuss the role of education and training in organisational development practice.

Assessment Tasks and Description

Assignment Details: Students are given a case study on areas related to organisation development. Students are to analyse the case by providing an overview of the case, problems and challenges confronting the organisation. In the case study, students are to provide the SWOT analysis. Recommendations proposed are to be supported with justifications.

Case study – Analyse a case focusing on organisational analysis to identify organisation development opportunity. Students are to conduct SWOT analyse on the case provide recommendations, assumptions and justifications of the research.

Word count: 2500.