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Weighting: This assessment is worth 80% of the Module mark
Assessment Level: 4
Element Learning Outcomes: The element learning outcomes for this assessment are: 1-4
Marking Approach: Fine-graded
Feedback Release Date: within 20 days after the submission
2021/22 Assessment Information Form:- (2022 MOD003484 TRI2 F01CAM) Element:- 011
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Individual Java Coding Project
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Module and Section

Software Principles (2022 MOD003484 TRI2 F01CAM)


Learning Outcomes LOs 1,2,3,4 Weighting 80%
Learning Level
Level 4Links to an external site.

Marking Approach Fine-graded


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Dr Md Mahmudul Hasan

Dr Razvan-Ioan Dinita

2021/22 Assessment Description Form:- (2022 MOD003484 TRI2 F01CAM) Element:- 011
Assessment Description
Please be aware that this assessment is individually submitted and NO parts of it may be completed as a group. You are NOT allowed to work on any parts of this work in groups. Please do NOT plagiarise.

Based on the project chosen for element 010 and the report submitted by your team you are required to produce a Java-based application to implement your design. You are not expected to produce a GUI application for this assignment and all interaction should be accomplished through the console.

Your Java project should meet the following minimum requirements.

Contain a header comment at the top of the application class including your SID number and which team you were in for element 010 of the assignment.
Contain at least two classes that are implemented in the project in addition to the application class.
Contain a range of class attributes within all implemented classes (for example int, list, String, Boolean etc).
Contain at least four implemented methods across all classes.
Include a range of code statements within the main() method of the application class to illustrate the use of all implemented classes as well as their methods and attributes.
Names of classes, methods and attributes should be taken from the work produced for element 010 of the assignment and must follow the best-coding practices (Links to an external site.).
If you find it necessary to deviate from the plan set out in your submission for element 010 then you should briefly explain the reasons for any changes made in the comments of your code.
The quality of your code matters and has a significant impact on your final mark. You should use best coding practices (information will be provided in lectures and tutorials) and you should include sufficient comments in your code to establish the relationship to your initial planning document (element 010) as well as your understanding of the code.

Intended learning outcomes for the assessment
1 Knowledge and Understanding Use a range of techniques for problem decomposition, decision modelling and algorithm design such that, within a simple problem description, appropriate variables, decisions and repetitive actions can be identified and translated into appropriate code constructs.
2 Knowledge and Understanding To understand programming language families, and competing models of the software development life-cycle.
3 Intellectual, practical, affective and transferrable skills
To select appropriate tools and techniques to analyse and design solutions to specific simple scenarios.

4 Intellectual, practical, affective and transferrable skills To create simple scripts to perform a number of operations in turn to achieve the desired effect and to understand the purpose and syntax required to perform conditional and loop statements.
Other skills and competencies
An understanding of referencing systems and appropriate writing styles will also be covered.

Marking scheme, criteria or rubric
Please provide a Cover Page with Your SID (Please make sure you upload the file as well with your SID-e.g.,

Project Structure (25%)

To include Base Java Project and at least two Classes
The names should be directly taken from the relevant Diagrams
Commenting and code structure should meet required standards
Class Attributes (25%)

To include a range of relevant attributes within all implemented Classes of varied data types and data structures (e.g.: int, string, list, etc.)
The names and types should be directly taken from the relevant Diagrams
Class Methods (35%)

To include at least 4 relevant methods (e.g.: ShowUsage, SearchForCar, etc.) across all implemented Classes
The names, parameters, and return types should be directly taken from the relevant Diagrams
Code illustrating the usage of all Classes (15%)

To include a range of code statements within the main() method illustrating the usage of all implemented classes and their methods and attributes.
Please include a readme.txt files to describe the procedures and system specifications
References must be in the correct “ARU Harvard” referencing system. Click here to learn more Links to an external site.
Links to Supporting Materials
Information relevant to the topics required for the report is provided in each of the lectures for the module. Specific links to each topic will be provided as they are covered in the delivery.

Please see the link to the module reading list in the left menu of this page.

Assessment Literacy
This is a coding assignment and good coding practice including well structure code, appropriate indentation and comments should be used throughout.

Your work is to be submitted Via Canvas and it is your responsibility to ensure that you know how to access the system. You must compress (Zip) your code files and the final zip file must be less than 100Mb in size. As many students will be submitting their work at the end of the trimester you are encouraged to submit your work well before the deadline to avoid any system congestion