Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy needs

Class: Inclusive classroom

Age:3 years old


LD is a three-year-old girl who was diagnosed with Autism. She received speech & Language therapy services on Mondays and Wednesdays each session is 30 minutes long. Also, she receives OT/PT per week for 30 minutes.

LD has difficulty understanding and expressing emotion. She is unable to respond to the feelings of others. For instance, her mother gets really upset and yells at her when she does something wrong. She merely remains motionless, making no eye contact. LD typically doesn’t respond to her name. She doesn’t really follow directions. She imitates several sounds from the internet or surrounding. When parents ask him to, he hardly ever imitates verbally. She can pronounce some alphabet letters and label some, but not all. However, he is not able to use words to express her needs.

LD doesn’t appear to be really interested in the other children. He prefers to play alone and stay in the corner. She can match small puzzle pieces perfectly, and she likes simple puzzles. She can play for a very long period with a toy if he is interested in it. She recently began to read more books and turn the pages more frequently. LD has a hard time grabbing crayons or markers to scribble. She is able to use a pincer grasp.

LD understands the numbers from 1 to 3. She is able to point to the corresponding numbers when the teacher asks. She recognizes triangle, and circles in the book. LD was able to hum the ABC song. She likes music movement. When she hears a song, she moves her body along with the music. Her favorite’s song is “If you happy and you know clap your hands.” She follows the music movement and she was able to identify some body parts such as eye, nose, ears and hands. LD also engaged with dramatic play. When the teacher asked, “What do you like to play?” She chose the dramatic play area by pointing using her fingers. She cooks a lot of food in the kitchen. She pretends to take care of the baby. She feeds the baby doll using the milk bottle.