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APPENDIX 10 – Observation checklist













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Observation checklist


Your trainer/assessor will use this observation checklist to assess your video recording. All observation items must be covered in your recording.


Legend: S = Satisfactory          NYS = Not yet satisfactory


ATTEMPT # _____


Student name


Unit of competency


BSBPMG518 – Manage project procurement
Observation item Task completed (S/NYS) Assessor comments
a)      Use of clear language and speech when communicating with others









b)      Use of non-verbal communication such eye contact, nodding, hand gestures









c)      Use of active listening by paraphrasing the information and asking questions    






d)      Discuss the selection process    






e)      Outline the statement of work    






f)       Obtain approval to use the procurement process developed from the CEO    






Assessor feedback   


























Assessor name  
Date assessed