Numerical Ranking System

NM1601 Introduction to Management Enquiry Assessment B: Company Report Format

Total Marks 60. Weightage 60%

Required word count 1800- 2000

The Numerical Ranking System (NRS)-

A numerical scale of 0 to 5 as stated in the table below will be used to assess company report.

Score Criteria

Inadequate. Failing to reach an expected or required level or standard. Submission is deficient in

most respects – Insufficient understanding. Weak organisation of ideas. The task was not understood and was inappropriately addressed.

Poor. Weak, demonstrating little skill or ability, lacking or deficient in some areas but some signs of understanding.

Fair. Reasonable understanding of academic theories & models presented in the report. No more than acceptable or average. Attempted to critique the article, identifying & citing appropriate sources.

Good. Familiarity with relevant sources. Good presentation style & format, possessing the

necessary skill & understanding of academic theories & models. Demonstrates a coherent, organised analysis with clear expression of ideas appropriately referenced.

Very Good. Well presented. Exhibits a high level of understanding based on a proficient

comprehensive application of relevant concepts. Refers to a range of academic theories & models using appropriate referencing conventions. Demonstrates skill & originality in interpreting complex

ideas. Presented a coherent, relevant & development of arguments.

Excellent. Presentation is of a very high quality or academic standard. Uses a range of secondary material beyond those introduced or discussed in class, accurately cited, analysed and critically

evaluated rather than just described. Demonstrates an authoritative grasp of concept discussed.

Provided analysis, evaluation & reflexive conclusions that show originality and insight.


-You must complete all the FIVE sections of the company report as per the guidance given under each section.

All the work must be your own please do not COPY from online sources or other sources. This may result in academic misconduct/ Failing the assessment.

You must Reference your work. Referencing will give you better marks as compared to No Reference.

Before your final submission remove all the guidance notes. You only need to have key headings.

Front Cover.

[ ] Company name and company logo.

[ ] Student name and BPC student identification number.

[ ] Table of contents. (With page numbers as per the headings)

[ ] 1.0 Introduction

Company Background

Leadership style

Product Description

Strategic Management

2.0 Swot Analysis

3.0 Competitor Analysis

4.0 Marketing Strategies

4.1 Market Segmentation & Target Marketing Strategy.

4.2 Pricing Strategy

4.3 Promotional Strategy

4.4 Place Strategy

5.0 Bibliography

[ ] 1.0 Introduction.

1.1 Introduce your organisation

[ ] Give an outline of the company background ( 1 mark)

What is the name of your company? . When did your organization get started?

[ ] 1.2 Discuss the leadership style of your company ( 5 marks)

[ ] 1.3 Product description

[ ] What need does the product/service fill?Provide a short description of your chosen company product or service (1 mark).

[ ] Describe how your Product is different from others . In other words, what is your unique selling point and competitive advantages? (1 mark).

[ ] Include product images. (1 mark)

[ ] 1.4 Strategic Management, the company’s current strategic position and future direction…

[ ] Market position – Are you aiming to be a market leader or are you currently a market challenger, follower or niche? (1 mark).

[ ] Refer to Ansoff Matrix and state which strategy you will adopt and why. (NRS max 5 marks).

[ ] References provided?

[ ] 2.0 SWOT Analysis – Comparison of your strengths and weaknesses against your competitors. (NRS max 5 marks).

[ ] Include a position map of your company relative to your competitors that you have constructed based on your findings.

[ ] References provided?

[ ] 3.0 Competitor Analysis (NRS max 5 marks)

[ ] Which new entrant (competitors) might you need to watch carefully? A new entrant can be from an existing company and not necessarily from just a new start-up company.

[ ] How does your product/company measure up against who you consider to be your competitor?

What do you do that is better than your competitor?

Is there anything that you could learn from your competitor?

[ ] References provided?

4.0 Marketing Management

[ ] 4.1 Market Segmentation & Target Marketing Strategy.

[ ] 4.1.1 Discuss the segmentation strategy of your company ( 5 Marks)

(Choose from Demographic, Psychographic, Geographic and Behavioral segmentation criteria as discussed in class- Refer to Week 8 session slides)

Additional secondary research required – State market size/value (1 mark) as well as growth rate of the market segment (1 mark). Try to show this information on a multiyear graph format refer

[ ] 4.1.2 What target marketing strategy your company has adopted and why? Choose from Undifferentiated, Differentiated, Niche and Micro marketing targeting strategy- as discussed in class- Refer to Week 8 session slides)

. (NRS max 5 marks).

[ ] References provided?

[ ] 4.2 Pricing Strategy. (NRS max 5 marks).

Choose from Pricing strategies discussed in class

Refer to week 8 session slides

[ ] References provided?

[ ] 4.3 Promotional Strategy

[ ] What is your communication objective and why? (NRS max 1 marks).

[ ] Which of the sales promotions tools will your company adopt? (NRS max 5 marks).

[ ] References provided?

[ ] 4.3 Place – Location of headquarters, place of business, warehouse, etc. (NRS max 5 marks). Here you should consider…

[ ] Will you be selling directly to consumer or through marketing intermediaries. Chose one or the other but not both. Justify your choice by looking at the pros and cons behind the actual theory. Your choice here will affect the strategies that you adopt in other areas of your business plan.

[ ] Include maps and perhaps points of interests

[ ] References provided?

[ ] 5.0 Bibliography (end-text references – 1 mark). Place in alphabetical order.

Other things to take into consideration…

[ ] Structure, Cohesion & Writing Quality – Is the material presented in a convincing and easy to read sequence? Is the outline appropriately followed? (NRS max 5 marks)

[ ] Have you included the module code/title, assessment title and the company name on every page of your document.

[ ] Are pages number and each section given an appropriate section heading?

[ ] Where appropriate, have you included images and graphs?

[ ] Writing Quality – Volume of material submitted, readability – punctuation, grammar, spelling. Have you provided the appropriate references using the Harvard style method?

[ ] Content.

[ ] Be specific.

[ ] Is the content appropriately reference, summarised or paraphrased?

The final submission of your work will be put through a plagiarism software checker and if it is discovered the will be reported to the school for academic misconduct. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense and should be avoided!