Movie Review: Batman Vs Superman

Movie Review: Batman Vs Superman

For this assignment, you will assume the role of a critic. You will choose a subject (restaurant, art exhibit, play/musical, film, an episode of a TV show, a book or poem, a graphic novel, a video game or a music album) and genre (eg. for film, horror, romantic comedy, action, historical drama, science fiction, etc.) for your review and write a detailed evaluative analysis of your chosen subject. You will be required to do the primary research, whether that is visiting the business, eating at the restaurant, seeing the performance, and so on, so keep this in mind as you work on determining your topic. This must be done early in the process, so make sure you are able to work with your chosen subject in the immediate future.

Part of this assignment will require you to research the genre of the review in order to accomplish several of the necessary goals: devising a set of criteria through which to evaluate your subject, understanding the conventions for writing a review for a specific audience, and constructing an argument about its aesthetic, social, and cultural value, quality, and importance. Different review genres have different expectation and conventions, so you will be responsible for knowing and working with these conventions in your assignment. Once you are familiar with the genre, your research will require you to analyze the subject and take a critical stance. This means moving beyond simply saying that this is a good or bad example and explaining how and why it does or does not appeal to its specific audience.


What to Do/Not to Do: A review is based upon a set of criteria that are usually determined by groups and communities, so it is important that you are aware of what criteria are valued by your audience. This means that you cannot just create your criteria, but need to research them. You will need to determine 3 different criteria which are used in evaluating your subject. You will be asked to find outside sources to support your review (interviews, behind-the-scenes specials, etc.), and these should be pieces that help you to establish context or details for your subject. However, you should not be using other reviews of your subject.


Topic Selection: Your review needs to focus on a recent subject. This means that if you choose a film, game, album, television show, technology, etc., it needs to be fairly recent or active (in other words, it should have been released within the last several years). If you choose to review a restaurant, show/performance, exhibit, etc., it needs to be currently open to the public and located in the area.


Assignment Goals:

-to be able to focus on a specific rhetorical purpose, the evaluative judgment of a cultural text

-to write a cultural analysis regarding the social relevance of a work, item, or place

-to situate a contemporary cultural subject within the context of its system or genre

-to identify the ideological work a text undertakes and how it serves a particular cultural or social point of view


Source Requirement: You need to find three (3) outside sources for your review. At least one should come from the ASU Database. These should be pieces that help you to establish context or provide interesting details about your subject. You may look at interviews, press materials, behind-the-scenes information, technical specs, or articles that address issues relevant to your subject. However, your sources cannot be other reviews of your subject. You should also include an entry on your Works Cited page for your chosen topic. So, you should have at least four (4) entries total on your Works Cited page.



Your paper must be a minimum of 1200 words and should be no more than 1500 words. Your paper should be in 12 point Times New Roman or Calibri font. It should be double-spaced and have 1” margins on all side. Your paper should follow all MLA formatting guidelines and include a Works Cited page.


Grading Criteria:

-Your review should be based off of clearly established criteria valued by your audience

-Your paper should be clearly written, well-organized, and insightfully argued

-Your paper should be written in the style and genre of your specific review

-Your analysis should show evidence of critical engagement with the subject and be supported by outside research

-Your analysis should go beyond surface impressions to explore the social and ideological implications of your chosen subject




I attached the topic i have chosen and its a Movie review about “Batman Vs Superman 2016”

it should atleast contain 3 outside sorces (it should be from the web) and this source:

also, please don’t use high-level Vocab.