Motivate to engage in ongoing learning

I have send picture as example, use selected articles like this example which are related to the question.


Three problems

Motivate to engage in ongoing learning

Conflict among team members

Team trust



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. problem………


. Article……


. Heuristic statement…..




.sort reflection……





Team trust


Akhtar, S., Khan, K. U., Hassan, S., Irfan, M., & Atlas, F. (2019). Antecedents of task performance: An examination of transformation leadership, team communication, team creativity, and team trust. Journal of Public Affairs, 19(2).


Conflict between teachers


McKenzie, K. B., & Locke, L. A. (2014). Distributed Leadership: A Good Theory but What if Leaders Won’t, Don’t Know How, or Can’t Lead? Journal of School Leadership, 24(1), 164–188.


Employees engagement


— Xu, G., Zeng, J., Wang, H., Qian, C., & Gu, X. (2022). How Transformational Leadership Motivates Employee Involvement: The Roles of Psychological Safety and Traditionality. SAGE Open, 12(1), 215824402110699–.