Monopolistic competition

What kind of a market is this firm competing in — monopolistic competition, monopoly, oligopoly etc.? Justify your answer using market data (e.g. market share, profits, sales etc.) for this industry in recent years. Which firms are the main competitors? How do the competitors influence the pricing decision of this firm?
o Implications of Covid Pandemic OR Government Response For the issue/policy you have chosen, discuss what the likely effects will be for your firm —in terms of market conditions (eg entry and exit, profitability) o Conclusions (may be in one short paragraph) Summarise your findings and future policy implications for this firm and the industry overall.
o References Do not forget to refer to the data sources and any other references you have used to write this short paper.
You will be graded based on your writing and communication abilities to a broader audience. The assignment must be clearly written; any diagrams, charts, tables etc. must be clearly labelled and explained in your text and any equations defined and explained. The quality of your argument, the clarity with which you explain and illustrate the relevant concepts and the way in which you relate theory to the available empirical evidence is very important here. Detailed feedback will be provided upon grading.
Weighting: 25% of your total grade Due: by 11.00 PM, 29 April 2023 via Learnonline website. Submit in word format (pdf and other formats will not be accepted). Penalties for late submission = 10% per day. Good Luck! Hannah