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Int 3 (WIL) 30 Pts Section 3 Full marks This This criterion is should linked to a not be Learning selected Outcome Reflection highest grade is Work HD Integrated Learning Transfer language learning strategies to a professional context (WIL)
27.75 Pts High Distinction (HD) Some features of D are exceeded
24 Pts 21 Pts 17.25 Pts 7.65 Pts 0 Pts Distinction Credit (C) Pass (P) Fail (F) SO (01 More The task Not all No The task than one demonstrates aspects of P submission demonstrates but not slightly more grade are more than all than just achieved: … adequately features adequately OR … task the ability to of D are the ability to requirements. transfer observed; transfer as stated in language all are language the learning above P. learning assessment strategies to strategies to brief. were a not met professional , professional context. This context. This means that means that all the all the questions questions have been have been answered. attempted. The task The task demonstrates demonstrates a convincing a somewhat link between convincing the link between discipline- the specific discipline-profession specific and the profession
30 pts