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Marketing Management
Assignment – 2022


UNIT TITLE: ___________________________________________________
NAME (in Full): ___________________________________________________
All assignments are to be submitted on 14th April 2022 at https://www.atmsstudentgateway.com with the login
credentials shared earlier.
Make sure assignments are submitted only to [email protected] and cc [email protected]
If assignment is not submitted on date, will follow with penalty of 10% deduction of marks for every day.
Any Assignment submission extension request must come to Azra Fatima (Head: Examination | Academic) –
[email protected] 5 days before the date of submission with a valid reason and supported documentary
Similarity between students work is strictly not accepted, any student found with similar work will be graded
Zero and fail for the course. However, Plagiarism is an academic offence and will not be tolerated.
Any reevaluation request should come in one week of grade release. Any late request will not be obliged. (Form
and other details shall be shared based on request)
Any rescheduling request should come and fulfilled within two months after the actual date of the assessment.
Any late request will not be obliged.
Assignment once submitted to exam board is final for marking.
Program participants are strongly advised to keep a copy of their work in case the submitted copy should go astray.
Total 90 marks. 10 Marks for Class Participation. Final marks will be converted
to 90 marks.
a) If assignment is Question & Answer based then.
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Introduction is needed for each question.
Question has to be answered based on the mark allotted for each question with references if
any idea or information is taken from other source.
b) If assignment is case based then,
Executive summary
Table of content
Body of assignment (questions related to case need to be answered)
Conclusion / Recommendation if any
References (in-text + citation) to be used.
Total Marks / 90
Plagiarism is a form of cheating, by representing someone else’s work as your own or using someone
else’s work (another student or author) without acknowledging it with a reference. This is a serious
breach of the Academic Regulations and will be dealt with accordingly. Students found to have
plagiarized can be
excluded from the program.
Plagiarism occurs whenever you do any of the following things without acknowledging the original
Copy information from any source (including the study guide, books, newspapers, the internet)
Use another person’s concepts or ideas
Summarize or paraphrase another person’s work.
How do I avoid plagiarism?
To ensure you are not plagiarizing, you must acknowledge with a reference whenever you:
use another person’s ideas, opinions or theory
include any statistics, graphs or images that have been compiled or created by another person or
Paraphrase another’s written or spokenword.
What are the penalties?
The penalties for plagiarism are:
Deduction of marks,
A mark of zero for the assignment or the unit, or
Exclusion from the program.
Plagiarism is dealt with on a case-by-case basis and the penalties will reflect the seriousness of the
Please note claiming that you were not aware of need to reference is no excuse.
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Assignment – Marketing Management
A friend of yours is calling you. He tells you about his own cryptocurrency he has created.
The coins have little to no value other than as a unit of exchange. That would not stop
consumers from buying it, argues your friend, as he refers to similar cryptocurrencies
that have experienced a recent surge in demand. The friend thinks his cryptocurrency
could see a similar surge in demand if you could help him introduce it to the market. You
agree to help him out. You tell your friend that you will get back to him after you
thoroughly studies potential value propositions.
Determining and developing your value proposition
1. First, you are going to identify and outline 3 market segments that operate in this
fragmented market. Make sure to document the i) psychographics, ii)
demographics, iii) geographics, and iv) the segments’ behavioral patterns of
these 3 market segments. Substantiate each of the segments that you have
identified by referring to
both a piece of qualitative data and a piece of
quantitative data that you have come across during your market research
250 words max. per market segment, excluding data; 750 words max. in total,
excluding data
2. Next, you will target 1 segment toward which you will be directing your marketing
efforts. Argue why you believe your resources are best spent targeting this market
250 words max.
3. Write a positioning statement. Use the following format: “To [target segment and
need] our [brand] is [concept] that [point of difference]. Explain the rationale behind
your formulation. Refer to Maslow’s
Hierarchy of Needs to explain on what need(s)
you will focus.
250 words max, excluding the positioning statement
Communicating your value proposition
a. Establish your communication objective. On which of the five levels of the
Hierarchy of Effects will you be focusing? Explain why you believe this
communication objective suits your product in this stage best.
250 words max.
b. Additionally, what kind of promotional efforts will you be deploying in order to
meet your communication objective? Explain your pick.
150 words max.
c. Do these promotional efforts qualify as push marketing or pull marketing? Explain
your answer.
150 words max.
a. Which of the three models of Marketing Communication fits your marketing
communications strategy best:
one=to-many, one-to-one, or many-to-many?
Explain your answer.
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150 words max.
b. Additionally, indicate the extent to which you, as marketer, have control over the
impact of your marketing communication efforts. Refer to the
Control Continuum.
150 words max.
i. If you think you have little control over the impact of your efforts, explain why this
does not necessarily have to be a problem.
ii. Alternatively, if you think you have much control over the impact of
your efforts, explain what a potential downside could be.
6. Which persuasion principle(s) will be at the core of your marketing
communication? Why do you think this/these will be the most effective one(s) in
persuading your target audience to buy your product? You could use more than
one of Cialdini’s persuasion principles.
250 words max. per persuasion principle