The marketing concept goes beyond the idea of selling a product or service to customers, it’s about building customer relationships that are sustainable over time. The videos of Boeing and Embraer tell a story about the philosophy of the organizations and the products and services that accommodate the needs of customers. As you watch the videos and prepare for discussion, think about the organizations, the customers, and the needs the companies are trying to meet. OR 1. After you have watched one of the videos in Activity, Kindly discuss the following: Marketing as an organizational philosophy has been based on the marketing concept. Explain how Boeing (or Embraer) has communicated some of these principles of the marketing concepts in the video. Review some of the figures in your textbook to help guide your discussion answers. Give specific examples. Your post should demonstrate that you can conduct a scholarly dialogue, and apply one or more concepts from your readings and the video with original analysis and interpretation. Scholarly dialogue refers to a discussion within the context of the module content that can be justified, based upon critical thought and substantive rationale; the conclusion(s) should naturally follow the thought process.