Management are interested in the relationships

Business Intelligence & Statistics 2023

CA ASSIGNMENT:                   MS Excel Report and Infographic Assignment

ISSUE DATE:                           Tuesday 4th April 2023

SUBMISSION DATE:               Friday 28th April 2023

LECTURER:                              Dr Ger Loughnane

TYPE OF ASSESSMENT:           Group Project: Statistical Report plus Infographic

% OF TOTAL MARKS:              50%

WORD LENGTH FOR REPORT: Max 2000 words (excluding tables, graphs and charts)


· Soft copy only, submitted via Turnitin/Moodle

· Both methods of submission must be completed by 5pm, Friday 28th April to meet the submission deadline, be marked, and avoid late submission penalties


1. Presentation and the communication of the content is extremely important.

2. The content of your work will be checked for originality – do not copy work from the internet or others, but you may reference work from the internet.

3. Students should submit along with their report a document which shows their name, their student ID and the assignment title.

4. Students are expected to take responsibility for their own time-management; co-ordination of group work; management of IT; etc. Extensions will only be given in Exceptional Circumstances. Extensions will not be granted for conflict or lack of co-ordination between group members; IT problems; or any other circumstance which should be the responsibility of students.

5. Note the submission requirements above to avoid a penalty.

6. Students should keep a copy of their submission.