Management and Professional Development

You will submit a critical reflection based on your action plan on your management and leadership style, this will include one area of their strength and one area for their development. This will enable you to demonstrate skills to effectively work with others to enhance performance in healthcare.

The critical reflection will be supported by the following material that will be placed in Appendices:

SWOT, Emotional intelligence questionnaire and analysis, Management and leadership development action plan. The critical reflection will be submitted in week 13 of the module.

Learning Outcomes:-

  • Identify strengths and areas for development utilizing appropriate self-assessment tools.
  • Demonstrate critical reflection when analyzing and evaluating own management and leadership style.
  • Evaluate and analyze the results from the emotional intelligence questionnaire and discuss the relevance to your own personal effectiveness when working with others.
  • Make evidence-based recommendations within a management and leadership action plan to support the development of personal effectiveness, incorporating professional and ethical considerations.
  • Adhere to the School of Health & Life Sciences guidelines for presentation and referencing.