Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Construct reusable and deployable Software systems, with appropriately verified functional coherence.
Refactor software systems in correspondence with relevant theories, practice, and discourse in the computing sector.
Synthesise knowledge of computing to address complex technical challenges.
Assess the legal, social, ethical, and professional issues in research and development contexts in correspondence with the relevant law, codes of conduct, and theory.
Defend an argument that addresses a research question(s), using appropriate primary and secondary sources and academic conventions.
Plan your post-graduation pathway, with reference to how you will overcome obstacles, and how you will build a personal brand that highlights your professional attributes.
Produce work as part of a multidisciplinary team critically appraising practices, approaches, and tools; applying them to enhance development pipelines.
Evaluate existing artifacts to identify opportunities, emphasize unique features that would fill a gap, and suggest optimal routes to audiences.
Produce prototypes based on your own intellectual property that deliver distinguished experiences, justifying how and why it could engage, immerse an audience, and/or lead to innovation.