Part A – Literature Review (Disruption in a chosen sector of the Financial Markets)

You are required to undertake a review of the academic and other literature in order to synthesise knowledge on the current state of disruption by fintech of one of the following sectors of the financial markets:

Payments and remittances

In conducting the literature review, you should identify key authoritative publications in the area and synthesise and critique applicable knowledge pertaining to the topic. 

The literature review should perform a number of functions including, but not limited to, the following:

-Identification of the important publications in the field

-Identification of the key contributors in the field

-Synthesis of the current state of knowledge/development in the sector chosen



Part B – Analysis of regulatory implications arising from the findings of the literature review

Having identified the current state of knowledge/development in the literature review, the author should proceed to identify the regulatory implications of the disruption identified, critically analyzing alternative regulatory responses to potential consumer protection, market efficiency and financial stability issues.

Word Count and Referencing 

The target word count, excluding references, is:

Literature review:        1200 to 1500 words

Analysis:                        800-1000 words


referenced using the accepted norms and format of the Harvard Referencing Style.