Qantas Annual Report

Learning Objectives: The subject you are studying is vocational. It is designed with the workplace in mind. Work integrated assessment provides opportunities for students to link theory and skills learned in a subject to a real work context. Students can use these opportunities to develop and practice the professional and academic skills they learn about in a subject or through the online environment and then be assessed on their capabilities in these simulated authentic environments. Work integrated assessment allows students to simulate and situate their learning in an authentic workplace that encourages them to explore their knowledge and apply it to practice. Integrating real world, authentic assessment tasks allows students to learn about the particular environments and culture of their chosen professions, while at the same time absorbing and practicing the skills they need to succeed. Doing these tasks can help students develop skills that can help their employability. Resources for this task include the 2015 Annual Report for Qantas.
Your friend Tom is studying architecture at another University and knows very little about accounting and annual reports. Tom’s uncle gave him $30,000 recently to invest. Tom knows you have begun studying accounting and is considering buying Qantas shares. Tom has some questions for you. Present your answers concisely in abusiness report format.

Tom’s questions:

1. How many shareholders does Qantas have?

2. What are the total revenues for 2015?

3. Identify the amounts and explain: Intangible Assets, Revenue received in advance, Retained Earnings.

4. Calculate the Working Capital ratio.

5. Using any data from the annual report, create a chart in Excel showing 3D columns and another showing a line graph. Paste the spreadsheet graphs in your assignment. Show the data area.

6. Summarise your advice to Tom re the investment decision.