Question 1

  • In order for a person to enter into a valid marriage, he or she must have the capacity to marry. These are also called matters of essential validity. Name any 3 elements of capacity that are required for a valid marriage under the Women’s Charter.
  • Is it possible for a person under the age of 18 to marry? Please state one of the formal validities that are required for such a marriage to be valid.

Question 2

State the 2 formalities that must be present before a marriage can be validly made under the Women’s Charter?

Question 3

  • Emily George is married to Timothy Ong. Emily changed her name to Mrs. Emily Ong after her marriage. She now does not want to be called Mrs. Emily Ong any longer. Is it possible for her to change her surname back to her own surname before her marriage, i.e., Emily George? Recognizing and applying the principles of Family Law, please explain your answer briefly.
  • Is Emily obliged to take on her husband’s domicile? Please explain your answer, citing relevant provisions.
  • What is a void marriage? Recognizing and applying Family Law, please explain in your own words.
  • State any 4 factors that a Court would consider in making the maintenance order for

Question 5

Thomas and Stella were married on 14 February 2020. There were many issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic situation, which put a large strain on the marriage. Thomas has committed adultery with a third party.

Stella wants your opinion as to whether she would be able to commence divorce proceedings against Thomas now, i.e., in January 2022. You may assume that Stella has sufficient evidence of the adultery. Recognizing and applying principles of Family Law, please explain to Stella.