Language and Dialect of Norway

Using at least two sources from your research and one source from this module’s readings and resources, write a discussion post about the primary
languages and dialects of your country. Address all of the following:
Begin by summarizing and describing the most widely spoken languages and dialects. Then, discuss at least one language that is spoken by a minority of the
population. Are any of the languages or dialects of your country on the verge of extinction? If so, why? Next, discuss at least one example of a language or
dialect of your country shaping the country’s culture. Conversely, you could also discuss an example of the culture of the country shaping one of its
languages or dialects.
As a reminder, in addressing these prompts, you will cite at least one relevant source from this module’s readings and resources and at least two sources
from your research. Be sure to cite all three total sources using an in-text citation in your post and to include all three sources below your post in a
“References” section in APA format.
Country: Norway