This assignment is a written report (max 10 pages) of a job analysis that you conduct specifically for this course. Your report must include: Section A: Include a section that describes the organization, outlines its history, structure, mission and goals. This section will also outline where the job fits within the organization. Section B: Include a section that describes the steps you followed to conduct this job analysis. This section will also identify the techniques you used to gather and analyze the job information and describe the reasons you selected these techniques. Please note: Job analysis must follow the process described in the textbook. Section C: Include a section that compares your completed job description and job specification to the information for a similar job available in the National Occupational Classification and NOC Career Handbook. If there are many or significant differences, this section will explain why they exist. Section D: Include a job description you have prepared for the job using the information contained in your text. Section E: Include a job specification you have prepared for the job using the information contained in your text. Section F: Include an organization chart you have developed using one of the software programs identified in your text. Section G: Include a reference list of all sources of information used to prepare the report. Please check to be sure that you have sources for all interviews, organization documents, correspondence (including e-mails), web sites, books, journal articles, proprietary tools and any other sources of information that you use for this assignment. Evaluation criteria for this assignment are: 30% Research Appropriate amount; relevant to assignment; reliable sources; variety of sources 30% Analysis Appropriate questions applied to information gathered; critical thinking evident in relation to the job, position and organization 40% Format & Style Report follows logical sequence and is well organized (e.g., introduction, subheadings, references); report contains minimal spelling, grammatical and proofreading errors; citations and references are in accordance with APA or other recognized style manual