Investment Opportunities


You are supposed to submit a write up of 2-3 pages (bullet points preferred) based on your career goals.
The write up is supposed to cover all the below-mentioned points:
Mention your current age, the age at which you wish to retire and explain why did you pick that retirement age for yourself
Explain the amount of money you wish to accumulate till the age of retirement and how are you planning to earn it
Describe the investment options you would choose in order to attain your desired retirement amount. The investment options can be stocks, mutual funds or bonds or a combination of all three
Prepare a budget of your intended annual income till the age of retirement. What percentage of it would you plan to save and what percentage would you plan to invest each year? How much money would you need to invest each year in order to attain your desired retirement amount? Your regular income can vary basis your job roadmap and career progression at various stages (link it with your job roadmap you designed for yourself in Assignment 1)
Explain what other passive sources of income would you consider in order to attain your desired retirement amount and why. Passive income sources can be rental income or any other sources that would suit your situation