Investment and Portfolio Management

As a Property Portfolio Manager, you are approached by your client, a property developer, to advise on the price to bid for a residential land parcel at Canberra Drive in Sembawang.

Canberra, in the Northern Region of Singapore, is turning itself into a new estate and is increasing in popularity as an integrated estate. It is located between Yishun and Sembawang housing estates.

You are to submit an Investment Report that comprises ALL the sections detailed in this brief in your recommendation to the client.

Market Research

  • Data on market demand, supply, comparable, development sales projection are presented.
  • Clear and detailed analysis of research data collected.
  • Data on market comparable of development sale projection to be presented in
    Table format.

Estimation on Gross Development Value

  • State the valuation method used to arrive at the bid price recommendation.
    The explanation is to be given as to why this method is selected.
  • Estimation of all the fees and costs must be detailed and substantiated with
    credible evidence/sources.
  • Valuation assumptions are to be complete, clearly stated, and analyzed in terms of their effects on the final bid price.


  • Explain the various fundamentals of real estate economic principles and how this affects real estate;
  • Evaluate the range of valuation methods available to value property, a plot of land, or for research purposes;
  • Value real estate, be it land or property, using the valuation methods that are taught in this property portfolio management module.