Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Innovation

A video has been uploaded on Moodle as a sample of how to debate. Below are the basic instructions:

  1. Each Team shall comprise of 3 to 5 TBD by lecturer.
  1. The opening debater shall be responsible for clearly outlining his/her teams case while the remaining speakers elaborate fully on the points raised by the first speaker.
  1. The opposition team shall prepare a case against the motion but ensuring that they engage in the arguments brought by the proponent team.
  1. Each speaker will have no more than 5 minutes to argue their case

The winning team will be awarded an additional 5% over the final score that will be determined by:

  • The number of arguments made by the opening debater.
  • The number of accurate rebuttals (responses) by all subsequent speakers
  • Good articulation (not reading) and presentation of facts
  • Demonstrated understanding of the topic illustrated by references made to articles.
  • Demonstrated understanding of topic in the context of Botswana illustrated by referring to programmes/ policies and in Botswana that connect to the argument (own research).



  • An established essential services business specialising in the bulk manufacturing, sale and distribution of water refills, bottled water, carbonated drinks, juices and other beverages, as well as the installation and maintenance of all sizes of water filtration and purification systems.
  • Currently serving a large part of the water scarce Okavango with an estimated population of around 200 000 , where the council typically experience extreme challenges in supplying potable water to their communities and in many instances can’t get any water to their residents’ taps for prolonged periods of  time.
  • Sales reps and store based sales agents generate sales of all product lines which are then delivered by reps or drivers and where necessary installed by in-house Technicians also maintain filtration and purification systems for a large database of loyal clients.


  • Overseen by a General Manager, the factory, retail stores, sales team and technicians are all encouraged daily to achieve performance targets set by the owner.
  • The factory and 3 x franchise stores are all fully equipped to purify and bottle their own products within franchise specifications, with the factory equipment rated to produce up to 4000 bottles per hour. Production from the highly automated centralized bottling plant is sold and distributed by sales reps and drivers utilizing the internal fleet.
  • 3 x Franchise retail stores are located in Gumare, Shakawe and Maun, with the routes connecting them covering a large portion of the population in the Each store is manned with a full staff complement including a store manager and their support staff, with customers served professionally by teams well acquainted with internal processes and service expectations.
  • Sales reps call daily on their individual customer lists, maintaining relationships and taking orders from clients in various sectors such as wholesale, retail, hospitality, corporate, and even informal traders.
  • Dedicated technicians, fully trained to franchise specifications, quote and execute technical work to customers’ requirements, according to the customer call-out schedule.
  • Marketing activities such as brand activations on client premises and at sponsored sporting events are manned by staff over weekends, and frequently involve an element of cash sales to recoup the costs of sponsoring the event.