Introduction to Digital Marketing and Social Media

Module code: BMAF007-20
Module title: Introduction to Digital Marketing and Social Media
Module leader: TBC
Assignment: S1: Group Presentation
Word count: S1: 3000 words (+/-10%)
Contribution to module mark: S1: 100%
Deadline date: PowerPoint slides submission:

29th June 2023 (Time: 23:59)

Live Presentations should take place 2-4 weeks before submission.

Assessment outline (from the module specification): S1: Group Presentation
Learning outcome assessed:

LO1: The ability to evaluate and apply basic concepts related to digital marketing including consumer behaviour, online marketing communications, and social media marketing.

LO2: An understanding of the role that digital marketing and social media can play in marketing.

LO3: An understanding of the practical implementation and limitation of a digital marketing.

Assessment Brief


You work as a trainee digital marketing analyst, for Cambridge Digital, a marketing consultancy company. Your company provides marketing consultancy to many medium and large organisations, both at national and international level. Your digital marketing head asked you to prepare a group presentation in PowerPoint format of 3000 words on the various areas of digital and social media marketing.

This Presentation slides should cover the following tasks:

Set out what Digital Marketing is

Comparative analysis of online and offline marketing concepts

300 words

Discuss Key consumer trends and insights that are driving the growth and development of digital marketing

Explain what Social Media Marketing is