International Public Relations

PRN303A Assessment Brief 2

Subject Code and Title PRN303A International Public Relations
Assessment Assessment 2 – Research Report
Individual/Group Individual
Length 2000 words (+/‐ 10%, not including campaign material)
Learning Outcomes a) Understand and differentiate between the concepts of
culture and global, international and intercultural, and
cross cultural public relations
b) Discuss the concepts of the ‘global convergence’ and
‘international diversity’ approaches to international
business and the likely impact on global public relations
c) Explore the nature and key elements of cross cultural
(international) communication and the challenges it
presents for public relations practitioners including how to
tailor messages and communication themes to different
cultural climates.
d) Consider how the Internet is used in international public
relations and assess the relative strengths and weaknesses
of various other emerging media.
e) Critically analyse the relationships between major
influencers such as the international media, government,
and politicians.
Submission Due by 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Module 4.2 (Week 8)
Weighting 30%
Total Marks 100 marks

Students should research an international public relations campaign for a non‐government
organisation or cause provided by the learning facilitator. The report needs to apply Hofstede’s
cultural dimensions and the dimension of
Representation and Regulation of the Circuit of
Culture when researching the campaign.
The report should identify the different the paradigms, the dominant discourse, power
structures and culture in the country applying the post‐modernist critical approach of the

PRN303A Assessment Brief 2
Circuit of Culture with the aim to understand the different norms and perceptions. It also
should review of the social, economical, cultural, political and legal dilemma’s for the PR
campaign implementation.
The research report should be around 2000 words and should be accompanied by copies or
transcripts of the campaign material (not part of the word count). This report will be the
foundation for Assessment 3.
The Learning Rubric below is your guide to how your assessment will be marked. Please be
sure to check this rubric very carefully before submission.
Marking Criteria:

Criteria Marks
Research of campaign 30
Review of the social, economical, cultural, political and legal dilemma’s facing the
The role of Representation and Regulation of the Circuit of Culture 20
Comparison and contrast of the campaign across the strategy, audiences,
implementation, messaging and effectiveness using of Hofstede’s cultural
Abides report format and provides references to campaign material 10
Total 100

Please ensure to include appropriate academic referencing and a reference list following APA 6th edition
style of referencing. Please see the Academic Skills page on Blackboard for information on referencing in APA
Submission Instructions:
Submit Assessment 1 – Assessment outline
in the assessment section on the learning
Portal. The learning facilitator will provide feedback via the
Grade Centre in the LMS
portal. Feedback can be viewed in
My Grades.