International Business Strategy

You are required to write an individual report of 3,000 words that covers the following areas for either H&M or Uniqlo in a region or country of your choice* [*important note: (1) you cannot choose the UK; (2) the firm must have retail sales in the selected region or country].

1) The main factors in the external environment (i.e. both the macro-environment and the micro-environment) of the fast fashion industry, and how these factors impact upon H&M or Uniqlo.

2) Identify and critically discuss the distinctive capabilities (using the VRIO framework) and the key relative weaknesses of H&M or Uniqlo.

3) Critical evaluation of the business-level strategy of H&M or Uniqlo over the last five years

4) Recommendations on how H&M or Uniqlo should modify its strategy to maintain competitive advantage and discussion of the suitability and feasibility of these recommendations.