International Business and Innovation

Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo has exploded rapidly in the past decades. As Asia’s biggest clothing retailer, Uniqlo made its much-awaited move in India by opening its first shop located in New Delhi’s Ambience Mall in October 2019.

  • By entering the Indian market, what location-specific advantages can Uniqlo exploit from India? Why did Uniqlo open its first shop in New Delhi?
  • Utilising relevant analytical tools. VRIN, critically analyse Uniqlo’s ownership advantages that can help Uniqlo to beat rivals in India
  • How can Uniqlo internalise its ownership-specific advantages through the wholly owned subsidiary entry mode in India?
  • With reference to different national culture frameworks, critically discuss both barriers and competitive advantages by comparing the cross – culture differences between Japan and India.
  • Drawing upon relevant innovation literature, critically discuss what type of innovation strategy Uniqlo adopts, and what benefits and challenges Uniqlo could face by building its local innovation networks in India?