Intercultural interaction

This assignment requires that you have an intercultural interaction with someone from a culture different than your own. Choose someone from another culture (not someone from another region, age, etc.). You are responsible for reading about the culture in depth, comparing them to your identified culture noticing similarities and differences. Your evaluation, mingling, and understanding of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, Hall’s high context and low context cultures and the culture’s social practices/cultural norms and nonverbal communication norms will provide the tools necessary to prepare a paper that will demonstrate your understanding of the culture in comparison to your own. You can write about Mexican cultureWrite a paper about another culture from the interview you conducted. Address the following:

Specific examples of Hall’s low or high context culture and each of Hofstede’s dimensions reflected in the particular culture.
Use something like the Mexican quinceanera.
Illustrate examples of nonverbal intercultural communication within the culture.
Explain any stereotypes held about this culture. Are they consistent with stereotypes you’ve heard? Are they stereotypes your interviewee commonly experiences or that is routinely depicted in media? Give an example or two.