Integrated Digital Marketing Communications

Your task is to investigate the communications of a brand and then to recommend a brand communications strategy. The brand selected will be Loreal Singapore. The idea is that you dig into the communication activities of the brand and media, then evaluate them, and propose a strategy to improve their brand communications.

Some of the elements you should consider for your report are the following:

  1. Brand vision, mission, positioning
  2. Customer definition
  3. Media strategy in Singapore
  4. Media evaluation in Singapore
  • Does the media highlight the physical characteristics that the brand wants to communicate?
  • Does the media transmit clearly and persuasively the benefits of the product?
  • Does the media provide the right atmosphere to stimulate the emotions sought in the target audience?
  • Is this the primary/secondary media for the brand campaign?
  • What is the purpose of the media?
  • Visual auditing
    * What is working or not working?
    * Good images descriptions? Do they promote retention?
  • Content auditing
    * Is the content easy to read? Does it have short clear sentences? Is it easy to skim through paragraphs?
    * Is the right tone for the audience? Does it avoid redundant or awkward placing of keywords?
    * Analyses for the homepage, interior pages, blog posts, etc.
    * Analyses of call to action, brand voice, consistency, media use, etc.
    * What kind of content do we find?
  • Performance and evaluation
    * Follower growth, engagement rate, etc.