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Part 1: Reflective Report on MH In-Sessional

I have learnt on the factors to rely for reflection essay with understanding on capstone project learning that outcome with a better approach. Gaining talent and then the excellent technique is for enhanced future knowledge comes with aiding on memory recall, at the time of studying. The experiential learning theory was utilized by Kolb and Schon that is utilized through defining knowledge and aiding memory for capstone competencies. I was able to take the proper stock for the career and growth through the MBA program. I feel quipped with the skills that I need over learning and understand the real-world issues too. There were many approaches where MBA programme feel equipped, and I can work on the organizing of classroom instructions in a proper manner with handling top of assignments.

With this, I was also able to put the learning into practice. The report includes allowing and distinguishing for the safer investments which were dangerous. The choice has been for not only the low-cost supply but also the side tracking if there are company leadership standards of being unaware for broad goals. The learning is for strategy class with leadership development that involves development of ability to see oneself and then focus on mirroring and recognizing style too (Iglesias et al., 2021). The leadership could be learned too, with participation in executive learning sessions, where I develop a more well-rounded set of abilities that allow on attain better understanding with results faster. The result is for training, where I have gained on confidence for taking a diversified form of leadership responsibility at the workplace.

Reflective Report on Personality Questionnaire and Mental Wealth Competencies

Openness to Experience

I need to properly master on advancement of skills for business where I wanted to work on a well-known firm and then living a full life too. As a result, I was also able to work on learning and practicing over company management. The guiding of subordinates and the members of team to better performance of company includes applied plans which is suitable to processes. The advancement of business skills that are mentioned in essay. The electives are for choosing from and then taking advantage for the time in school this year for learning on wide range of business. I will also be able to build relationship for long term and then there are classmates who are involved with MBA unique experiences.

Having an MBA, there are benefits for platform of openness which includes ability to discover on what I like doing with identifying on how one struggled for. I would not have also realized on marketing and strategy which is critical than finance with accounting that is not having any major experience. The focus is on ability to work in the daytime without being distracted from the job. The new idea is proposed into head with investigating on notion which is relevant for the near future (Proto et al., 2021).

The openness to experience is a major domain for human personality with 5 factor model, with the openness on 6 facets, or active imagination, with attention to feelings. The greater deal is about the normal distribution with individual scoring on extreme high or low. The people score low on openness with considering on closed experience. The openness is about moderate positive relationship that comes with outlook and behavior. The preference is on measurement to openness to experience with assessing to self-reporting measures. The measure is for lexical measures with reflecting on openness to experience traits. The approach is on upward job changes with employees careers and success to shape personality over time. The personality characteristics include change to openness to experience which relates to providing dynamic perspective. The upward job changes include indicator for extrinsic career success with the individuals involved or society being broadly involved too. The conceptualizing personality characteristics include organizational phenomenon on managerial and professional positions (Rostami et al., 2022).

The individuals include the high openness to experience with wider array of interest, with desire to handle new experience by moving on different jobs or positions as well. The individuals work on high openness to experience with characterizing on intellectual abilities or flexibility. The openness to experience is related to the divergent form of thinking with high openness to experience as well. The self-directed positions and the openness are for upward change of job.


In sum, MBA has been a major life changed experience with not being involved for financial background. The developing on entrepreneurial and presentation or ability of leadership by working over cultural standards on multi-cultural forms. The optional courses available to fit on interest with promising on demanding and fascinating approach to gain a broader variety of business. The questioning is on status quo with the point that is not only for MBA for lifelong connections (Lewis et al., 2020).

One needs to reflect on working goals with the brand that is for serious professional. The learning is for evaluating the work functions and positioning as per the standards to define on possible strategic research. The practices are for thinking over self-reflecting on the self-introspection that can help people in realizing over the different standards. As a real estate marketer, I would like to plan on the choice to assist for achieving of goals. too. The future planning is to incorporate a lot of self-reflection in the work. As a real estate marketer, I believe on the choices which will lead to achievement of goals too.

Additionally, I have been able to gain knowledge from MBA classmates, where the class of 33 nations having opportunity to work on people with Brazil to Egypt to Japan and the others with military or the other forms of medical background. The face-to-face discussions are for individuals working on drawing experiences with properly focusing on different ways to learn. We can come with better ideas on commercialized challenges and then able to come over a concrete answer (Lewis et al., 2020).

The events showed on the major importance of reflection with conveying thoughts and views. The personal style of work is for engagement with people who are in meeting and then being profound and being influenced by them. It allows everyone to contribute to a better ability and then there is no concern of their background. The observation is on the employee improvement that has a best way for me to learn and grow as leader too.


This is in accordance with the idea of John Dewey where the people learn on the inquiry and applications too. The learned abilities include approach where MBA people on confident approach with ability to achieve on goals of career. This comes through handling land for new job in near future. I have gained on classroom which will also be helpful. My objective is to work on the use of leadership skills with assisting employees on flourishing workplace. The collection of data includes development of strategy with dealing on specific issues of business. Th analytical abilities are expected to be use and then control on finances or increased output which can help in attracting clients by providing better products or services. It involves advancement of career with ability to be on time and work over managing clients or provide a higher quality of project too (Staneva et al., 2022). The leading of promotion and then working as entrepreneur is for planning and using business acumen to lead operations for a long-term growth. When it comes to career management, I plan to make use on problem solving abilities with new ways on handling organizational issues.

Corporate Turnaround and Recovery, Venture Capital or Private Equity comes under the Digital Economy which is defined for better offerings that have been prior to this year. I cannot wait to begin and work on different new refreshing courses with other options too. The extraversion is for the seeking out for stimulation and opportunities to engage with others. In group situations, there are extroverts with the assertion on themselves. The gain of energy is from engagement for social interaction. The extroversion trait is for the environmental standards with variability in the trait that is linked to differences. The common extroversion is for indicating on the different standards with forging relationship for introvert and extrovert.

The career researchers include entailing of substantial changes to handle work responsibilities or titles. The argument is on upward change of job with professional position that is set for three changes of job (Fallahtafti et al., 2019). The employees enter managerial and professional position on different skill set. The effects are related to person environment fit theory that includes positions on important approaches for individuals. The conceptual approach is on conscientiousness, agreeableness, or emotional stability. The extraverted employees have ambition and skills on a higher level of hierarchical forms and character.


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