Assessment-3 – Critical Self-reflection Learning Journal – Melbourne students – Part 1 19 Mar 2020 – 14:28 5 Jun 2020 – 17:00 30 Aug 2020 – 14:28 100


The individual assignment is a ‘critical learning journal’. Your learning journal is based on your insights and provides you with an opportunity to reflect on the ways in which the issues and concepts raised in the course affect you personally in your role as a manager.

Learning Journal Requirements

Based on the knowledge you have gained from the week-end workshops, self-reading and research you are expected to critically evaluate your learning in the unit:

Choose any five topics of your interest from the lecture topics provided in the lecture schedule for your self-analysis.

Discuss in the journal:

What you have learnt about yourself based on the subject knowledge gained from this unit?

3.Self-reflection:  You demonstrate a willingness and ability to engage in self-reflection.  You provide examples from your own experience.  You show an understanding of the consequences of your values, attitudes, style, behaviour, etc. on yourself, others, and the organization.

1.Conceptual understanding:  You demonstrate a thoughtful understanding of conceptual material and OB theories and concepts discussed in the course, and integrate them, as relevant, into your analysis.

4.Application: You demonstrate a willingness and ability to take steps towards personal change based on the knowledge gained in this unit.  You discuss in depth possible action plans for improvement in your managerial behaviour.

2.Critically evaluate your management style based on your analysis and provide appropriate journal references for your critical evaluation.  How your perceptions of yourself are similar and different from the perceptions of the person with whom you discussed your assessments.