Importance of professional communications

Based on the above case study, students need to write a report on one of the following topics as per the last digit of their student ID.
Topic Last Digit of your student ID 0) The importance of professional communications and tools and techniques for enhancing the same. In this topic you need to examine what professional communication techniques and tools ICT professionals need to use to communicate well in workplace at Philips. You need to use specific examples in ICT industry in your discussion of this topic. 0 or 5 1) The importance of personal privacy and how to protect it in face of the emerging Networking Technologies at Philips. Please discuss how emerging technologies such as IOT (Internet of Things) introduces privacy risks and what strategies can companies adopt to minimise these privacy risks. You can pick an industry where IOT has found significant acceptance and highlight the privacy aspects in that context. 1 or 6 2) Guidelines for ethical use of computers and networks at Philips. Please discuss the NETIQUETTE technique and explain how it can help professionals to embrace ethical use of networks. You need to use some cases in the discussion to add value to your discussion. 2 or 7 3) Intellectual Property (IP) rules and processes important for conducting high-tech business at Philips. Please discuss how IP rules and processes are important for conducting high tech business at Philips. You need to state the key definitions used in this essay (IP. High tech business) and clearly highlight their importance using examples. 3 or 8 4) The importance of collaboration and methods for enhancing collaboration at Philips. Given that ICT projects involve multi-stakeholder collaboration discuss collaboration technologies that are available for ICT professionals to collaborate on ICT projects. 4 or 9