Identify the various layers of power

In the essay students have to be critical for example what did beverage not do right? you critic. Drawing from socialist/ Marxist feminism, Radical feminism, Black/ anti Racist feminism.
Learning outcomes:
1} Identify the various layers of power, oppression and discrimination.
2}Evaluate the commonality and interactions of multiple oppressions.
3}Evaluate theories underpinning inequality particularly sexism, disablism, ageism and racism.
4}Identify the contentious and complex nature of power and oppression and and the broader dimentions of inequality.
5}Demonstrate the linkages between personal experiences of oppression and disablism, ageism, sexism and racism.
Readings from: Handbook disability studies (2001), Womens oppression and social work (1992), Developing anti-oppressive practice with older lesbian women and gay men in british journal of social work (2001) pg 917-932, Race and Ethnicity in mordern Britain (2000)

Web: National organisation for women report on political and social issues.

Journals: Disability and society Ethnic and Racial studies.
Referencing from a news paper like the Guardian is ok.
# harvard referencing ( in 150 words there should be a reference)
#2500 words