ICT Project Management

COIT12208 ICT Project Management
COIT12208 Assignment 1 Adaptive PM Presentation

Due: Week 5, Thursday, 11:00 PM AEST

The aim of this assignment is for you to gain adaptive project management
experience. You will act as the project manager for an adaptive ICT project. You will
need to perform tasks such as the following:
Create a product backlog in the Agile project management tool Taiga
Develop a sprint plan in Taiga
Add risk issues to Taiga and
Present a sprint review.
The assignment is individually assessed.
The project is expected to run for 2 sprints. The first sprint has already been
completed; you will review the first sprint and plan the second sprint.
You are to manage a development project of a system that will allow you to virtually
relive your holidays. The system will produce a trip based on the GPS location metadata stored in your photos. The product owner (PO) runs a website like Trivago
which lists hotel offers. The PO ultimately would like an increase in hotel bookings
with as little investment as possible.
The project has been running for one sprint. The working prototype will be available
on the unit website by Week 2. You can run the program by decompressing the zip
file and opening index.html in your browser. Sample photos have been provided in
the zip file to use with the prototype.
The following user stories are from the plan for Sprint 1. You will need to add these
user stories to the product and sprint 1 backlogs of your Taiga project.

COIT12208 ICT Project Management

User Story 1 Upload GPS photo
As a holidayer, I would like to be able to upload a photo with GPS data and view
the location that I took the photo so that I can relive the holiday experience.
Value: $1200
Effort: 8
Acceptance criteria:
I should be able to upload any type of image file with GPS data.
The system should output a textual version of the GPS data.
The system should also output a textual, human readable, version of the
location, for example, the closest tourist landmark or city.
The photo’s location should be marked on a map of the world.


User Story 2 Upload non-GPS photo
As a holidayer, I would like to be able to upload a photo with location data that is
not GPS data and view its location so that I can relive old holiday experiences that
occurred before GPS cameras existed.
Value: $700
Effort: 12
Acceptance criteria:
I should be able to upload any type of image file with non-GPS location data
such as the user’s comments metadata.
The system should output a textual version of the non-GPS location data.
The photo’s location should be marked on a map of the world.


User Story 3 Move around the map
As a holidayer, I would like to be able to manipulate the world map of my photos
so that I can better understand the locations.
Value: $1000
Effort: 4
Acceptance criteria:
I should be able to zoom in and out of the map to gain more details or more

COIT12208 ICT Project Management

User Story 4 Fly around
As a holidayer, I would like to be able to fly around the world map of my photos in
chronological order so that I can relive my holiday.
Value: $1000
Effort: 8
Acceptance criteria:
The system should fly around the world map using the photos’ location
The system should visit the locations in chronological order based on the
dates and times the photos were taken.

The following user story is in the product backlog but is not in Sprint 1 backlog.

User Story 5 Missing pair
As a holidayer, I would like to be able to book accommodation near where one of
my photos was taken so that I can revisit my old haunts.
Value: $3000
Effort: 20
Acceptance criteria:
I should be able to easily identify accommodation options near where one
of my photos was taken.
I should be able to easily book and make a deposit for a selection
accommodation option.

Task Description
1. Create project plan to reflect project progress
You will provided with a rough project plan (that is, the user stories above) and the
development files of an ICT project representing the project at the end of the first
sprint, that is, Sprint 1. You will need to create a
Taiga plan to reflect the project status
at the end of Sprint 1. You have to use Taiga.io to create a Taiga plan. You will
need to complete tasks such as the following:

COIT12208 ICT Project Management
Add the provided user stories to the product and/or Sprint 1 backlog.
Perform acceptance testing to check which of the user stories in the Sprint 1
plan have been successfully completed. You will update the Taiga plan to
reflect this progress.
Identify issues related to Risks and create plans to deal with the issues. Add
the issues, risks, and controls you plan to implement to the Sprint Issues
section on the sprint taskboard in your Taiga project. Although you will not be
developing code during this assignment, you should identify issues as though
you are a member of the development team.
2. Create Sprint 2 Plan
You need to:
Create 5 new user stories and add them to the Taiga product backlog. Your user
stories should:
o Adhere to the user story template
o Possess INVEST properties including being valuable to the product owner
o Contain excellent acceptance criteria
o Include a story point effort estimation and monetary value
Inside Taiga, decompose the user stories into subtasks
Prioritise the product backlog inside Taiga.
Choose user stories for the Taiga sprint backlog for Sprint 2 with due
consideration of the team’s velocity.
You may duplicate incomplete Sprint 1 user stories to include as part of your Sprint 2
plan if they have a higher relative priority than the user stories that you wrote. These
duplicates will not be counted towards the 5 user stories that you need to create –
you need to create 5 new user stories.
You will submit your Taiga plan to the unit website. Export your project from Taiga
and upload the project file to the unit website.
Emails from Taiga.io might be blocked.by the CQUni spam filter: if you
have exported your project file from Taigo.io but not received it, then the CQUni
spam filter (Mimecast) might be blocking your message. Please go to Personal
Portal (https://mimecast.cqu.edu.au/) to download your project file. After you
have downloaded your project file, select the Thumbs Up button > Release Message
and Permit Sender to unblock messages from Taiga.io.
3. Present Sprint 1 Review and Sprint 2 Plan
You will present a review of Sprint 1 and your Sprint 2 plan. Your presentation should
cover aspects such as:

COIT12208 ICT Project Management
Acceptance testing: each team member should demonstrate a different,
completed user story by performing a walkthrough showing that the
acceptance criteria for the user story have been met. Do not demonstrate a
user story which has not met any of its acceptance criteria.
Scope management: for example,
o Present and discuss your Taiga’s product and sprint 2 backlogs
o Explain your size estimates for each new user story
o Present and discuss your Taiga taskboard for Sprint 2 detailing how you
broke down each user story into subtasks.
o Present and discuss your Taiga burndown chart and explain your choice of
velocity for Sprint 2
Risk management: for example, present and discuss your Taiga sprint issues
related to risks including any management plans regarding either Sprint 1 or
You will have 10-15 minutes to present your project. You are to record and submit
your presentation along with the taiga project file (*.json). Your recorded video
should be framed to include the presenter, your audience (if any) and your
desktop. You will submit a link to a cloud hosted copy of your video.

Alternatively, you could use a tool such as Handbrake to
recording to below 100Mb to include in your submission.
compress your

Sharing ideas about project management concepts and techniques between students
is encouraged. Any ideas you reuse should be referenced.
Sharing of
project management files or copying, for example, user stories, subtasks,
issues, or controls, between groups will be considered plagiarism.
If you are in
doubt about whether you can share something, first obtain email consent from your
You are to export your Taiga project plan and submit it along with your recorded
presentation to the unit website.
ALL students: You will either submit your video or a link to your video.

COIT12208 ICT Project Management
The assignment is individually assessed. The assessment marking criteria include proper implementation and appropriate presentation of
aspects such as Backlog, User Stories, Sprint Plans, Taskboard, Issues, Individual Presence, and Presentation Content.

100% 75% 50% 25% 0%
Backlog Your backlog contains appropriate, high value user stories and is
A significant user
story missing or
prioritisation errors.
Multiple user stories missing or
major prioritisation errors.
Not in
User Stories High quality user stories that adhere to user story template and
INVEST, e.g., independent, valuable for users & testable via
excellent acceptance criteria. Estimated effort & value are
included. At least 5 quality user stories.
Some user stories are
lifestyle specific, e.g.,
“testing” a feature.
Not in
Sprint plans Maximises value through prioritisation. Excellent velocity
Poor sprint plan user
story choice.
Not inTaiga
Taskboard Excellent decomposition of user stories into subtasks that focus
on developers. State management of subtasks accurately reflect
the project status.
Vague or ambiguous
Multiple subtasks left in
incorrect states.
Not inTaiga
Issues Excellent identification of appropriate quality & risk issues &
specification ofrealistic controls appropriate for the project team.
Issues and controls are specified in Sprint Issues in Taiga.
Not inTaiga
Excellent individual presence including well prepared, stands
up/sits down straight, loud clear voice, good eye contact, does
not speak too fast or too slow; appropriate use of cue cards: does
not read; appropriate use of time. Excellent gestures, e.g.,
precision grip & and lack of adaptor gestures (e.g., no
Reasonable individual
presence, e.g., reads
cue cards, insufficient
eye contact, or speaks
too fast or too slow
Excellent walkthrough of user story acceptance criteria.
Excellentpresentation of quality project management plan
using Taiga.
Poor walkthrough of acceptance
Poor discussion or presentation
of scope management: backlogs,
size estimates, taskboards, or
burndown chart.
Poor discussion of quality and
risk management.
Taiga not