Human services professions

Human services professions are varied; each one has distinct characteristics and unique responsibilities. Some human services professionals work directly with clients, such as a social worker in a battered women’s shelter. For others, such as administrative workers, human services work is more indirect, with no face-to-face contact with clients. Some human services professionals work with individuals one-on-one, while others, such as outreach workers, deal with the community at large. Despite these different approaches, all human services professions aim to achieve the same goal: “to assist individuals and communities to function as effectively as possible in the major domains of living” (National Organization for Human Services, 2006). In essence, the role of a human services professional is to help clients manage or solve their problems and to improve clients’ well-being. This often requires human services professionals in different disciplines to work together to ensure that all of a client’s needs are met. Human services provide an interdisciplinary approach to helping clients, and serve three primary functions: social care, social control, and rehabilitation.

To prepare for this assignment:

Review Chapter 1 in your course text, An Introduction to Human Services, focusing on the scope and purposes of human services. Also pay particular attention to the various roles and activities of the human services professional.

Peruse the job listings on the “Jobs” page of the National Organization for Human Services website. Notice the wide variety of human services positions which are available and the characteristics of each type of job.

Select two human services professions that appeal to you and think about why you find them appealing.

Reflect on the scope and purpose of human services within each profession, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the human services professionals in each.

Consider where these roles might be available in your community and the people whom you know or have heard/read about who fill these roles.

The assignment(2–3 pages)

Name the two human services professions you have chosen, and define them in your own words. In your definitions, make sure to describe the scope and purpose of human services within each profession.

Explain the roles and responsibilities of the human services professionals in each of the two professions and where in your community these roles might be available.

Finally, explain why these two professions appeal to you, noting specific attributes, characteristics, responsibilities, etc., that attract you to these positions.