human resources

human resources

Human Resources Research Paper Specifications


Topic: How to create an ethical unique workplace for employees and how its beneficiary. Talking about Google’s work ethics and the advantages on it towards employees and how the work is being completed in a better way.


Length: Minimum 6 pages excluding references, double-spaced 12 point font, one (1) inch margins all around.


References: Minimum 5 Refereed (Scholarly) Journals

Late Penalties: Papers are due on the date noted on the calendar at the specified time. Papers handed in after that point on the due date will be considered LATE and ten (10) points will be deducted. In addition, ten (10) points will be deducted for each 24 hours after the due date that the paper is late.


Policy on Honesty and Plagiarism

This course seeks to empower students for independent learning, resourcefulness, clear thinking, and perception. All submitted work and activities should be genuine reflections of individual achievement from which the student should derive personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Plagiarism and cheating subvert these goals and will be treated according to the policy stated in the Code of Conduct. The instructor reserves the right to utilize electronic means to help prevent plagiarism. Students agree that by taking this course all assignments are subject to submission for textual similarity review. Assignments submitted for review will be included as source documents in a restricted access database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism in such docume