• Critically evaluate how analyzing a vacancy within your organization informs your overall recruitment strategy exploring the implications surrounding the decisions made at each stage of the strategy.
  • As the HR assistant, you have been asked to prepare a selection strategy for individuals who have applied and been recruited for a business-focused graduate scheme at your international hotel for your HR manager. Outline and justify different approaches that can be taken and explore the strengths and weaknesses of these different approaches considering the implications for the organization and your new employees.
  • Critically explore the factors that impact whether or not training and development are viewed as successful or not for employees, evaluating why these can be perceived that way and the effects on the performance management of employees.
  • As a training and development consultant, you have been hired by an HR director who has invested in a new training programme based on training line managers on the current self-service e-HR system. The focus of the training programme centred on how the line managers and their employees will use the system and lasted for 5 working days.

It was delivered by a number of internal and external training providers but overseen by yourself as a consultant. The line managers who attended the training will go on to transfer this information and skill to their direct employees. Provide recommendations on how you can ensure the training programme can be evaluated to ensure that it provided a good level of return on investment and explore the requirements of evaluating utilising Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation.