Human Resource Management, as the name suggests, is about dealing with real people and getting the best out of them. It is vital to understand and uphold the basic principles of Human Resource Management to do it effectively. These principles are bound by ethics that help all HR personnel execute his or her role seamlessly.




The Basic Nature of Human Resource Management


It is easier to apply all the Human Resource principles when you understand the profession’s nature well. In a rapidly shifting world towards digitizing Human Resource Management, maintaining this field’s core nature provides the vital human touch. It helps in better workforce management and interaction.


Before you proceed with this assignment – review the principles of Human Resource Management – YOU need to know what makes HR a unique profession.


    • Human Resource Management applies to all domains. There is no field of work that can function without effective HRM.


    • It is a result-driven practice that makes employees more productive and helps create a more conducive work environment.


    • The goal of all the cornerstones of Human Resource Management is to help employees develop in various areas.


    • HRM aims at keeping employees motivated towards their goals.




In this paper, I would like you to consider the FOUR – C’s of HRM. As per the Harvard model, managers should consider the four C’s of HRM while making decisions. These C’s are –




Ensuring commitment among employees is of the utmost importance to any HR department. Human Resource principles help improve various factors that contribute to an environment that maintains this commitment in employees. Factors like job security, job satisfaction, and appreciation are vital in enhancing employees’ morale and keeping them motivated towards various organizational and personal goals. Basic human resource principles are geared towards the welfare of each employee to keep them committed.




The competence of employees directly influences business development. For an organization to be successful, employees need to perform to the best of their capabilities. It is the role of the HR department to communicate what the company expects from the employees and help them achieve that. Every human resource principal aid in creating the right opportunities and the best environment to help employees excel.


C)Cost Management


The HR department does not generate any revenue by itself. It is responsible for creating a competent workforce that can deliver products and services to improve revenue. However, the HR department must work within strict budget constraints and still achieve the expected results.




The HR department must check if the employee’s individual goals are compatible with the company’s goals. Extensive training, research, and implementation of company guidelines can ensure the recruitment of compatible individuals.






    • Cultural diversity: The array of differences among groups with definable cultural backgrounds


    • Culture: Lens through which life is perceived


    • Ethnic group: Distinguishable people whose members share a culture different from the majority culture


    • Race: Population with a distinctive genetic heritage


    • Cross-cultural service delivery: The gaining of requisite awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to work with diverse people




Assignment Instructions


The goal of this paper is for you to understand the following concepts and applications as part of your duties as an HRM.




    1. The basic reasons for culturally competent mental health services


    1. An extended definition of discriminatory actions in HRM duties and task (i.e., Employee Standards Act).


    1. Common psychological characteristics and experiences of culturally diverse employees, clients, and guests.


    1. The role of changing societal trends and the impact they have on cultural trends among work-culture and environment






Number of Pages:Minimum à5 pages and no more than 10 pages.


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paper will not be marked