HRM318: Human Capital Measurement

GoGoChaCha1 is an established social media content creator and marketing company based in major cities across Asia and headquartered in Singapore. GoGoChaCha’s vision is to create positive and enticing content that impacts the future of the world we live in. To achieve its vision, GoGoChaCha’s mission is to represent and manage leading and emerging talents in content creation, develop innovative technology and marketing strategy to deliver successful marketing campaigns with valued partners.

GoGoChaCha aims to be the world’s most influential content creator in the marketing space. GoGoChaCha will be the first to come to mind when clients want to create impactful marketing campaigns in partnership with their creators. Given GoGoChaCha’s success and their innovative ability to tell a story, their clients include several well-known Fortune 100 companies and more recently, public sector institutions.

 GoGoChaCha comprises several key units. The marketing agency unit is responsible for GoGoChaCha’s future business development and ensuring sustainable and successful client relationships. The talent unit is responsible for representing and managing their digital talents and content creators. This unit also is responsible for seeking out emerging talents. The technology and strategy unit is responsible for creating successful marketing campaigns that merge marketing strategy with technology to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

As part of the key performance indicators, the senior leadership tracks several marketing metrics such as view count and conversion rates to understand the performance of the marketing campaigns. The senior leadership also tracks the number of accolades related to creativity and innovation in prestigious marketing awards. As clients are important to GoGoChaCha’s business, client satisfaction and repeat businesses are monitored as well.