HR policies remain ineffective and outdated

Assume that you have recently joined a medium-sized organization in your home country or the UAE as an HR Executive. Despite the organization having been in existence for five years, most of its HR policies remain ineffective and outdated. You note that the organization is turning out slightly above profit, but it can do much better. The employee turnover is abysmal and you infer that eventually, the organization will run into trouble with productivity and the government. Additionally, a scan through the HR records reveals that most leaders and managers spend on average only one and half years in their role.

A- In a brief report Explain the importance of Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) and how you could add value to the organization. Discuss how strategic HRM could be linked with other departments.


• Explain the Strategic Human Resource changes you could provide to manage employees’ loyalty and commitment.


• Analyse the factors that the organization should consider before introducing the new HR policy

• Determine some factors that will enable employee motivation and loyalty which will, in turn, reduce the high turnover.



Write a detailed report to include an HR plan for your new organization. Your report should feature the following:

  1. Creation of a 5- year Strategic HR Plan for your organization (how will your strategic intervention help put your organisation ahead of the competition locally and globally?
  2. Present an analysis of how the existing culture and structure of your organization might impact the success of the new Policy initiative and the motivation of the staff.
  3. Explain how you would develop, monitor and evaluate a leadership strategy that supports the development or revision your organization’s mission, vision, values, and objectives. along with TOC and diagrams.