DB: “Safety Survey” Discussion



 Available until Jan 19, 2023 11:59 PM. Submission restricted after availability ends.




Observe your work or home environment through the eyes of your patients. Initial post must be at least 300 words.


Purpose: Nurses anticipate and discover safety hazards on a daily basis. They must intervene to protect themselves and their patients. In this activity, each student will identify actual and potential safety hazards in your environment and discuss them with classmates.


Directions: Use the Safety at Home Checklist as a Guide. In your home or work environment, exam the hallways and rooms for actual and potential safety hazards. Look for things that may put a patient or nurse at risk for falls/injury. Observe people within the environment. Discuss your findings with the group, and what action was/or should be taken to maintain a safe environment.

Use your Jarvis (Physical Examination & Health Assessment)-textbook, 8th Edition and/or a nursing journal article within 5 years to support your statements. A citation must be included in the body of your writing.

The full APA reference must be written at the bottom of your original post.

All students must respond to at least 2 classmates on Friday of the discussion board week.


Post your response by 1/30/2023. Respond to 2 other classmates on 2/3/2023. The discussion board will close at 11:59 pm on 2/3/23.



Nursing Journal article web link:

Search – Research Guides at Community College of Baltimore County (ccbcmd.edu)